Here are 51 ugly Christmas sweater ideas to get you in the festive mood.


1. Gaudy Garland Sweater


2. Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweater


3. 3D Ugly Reindeer Christmas Sweater


4. The Ugly Sweater Set for Couples


5. The Ugly Shoes


6. Cheap and Ugly Homemade Christmas Sweater


7. A Christmas Story Sweater


8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Sweater


9. Mirror Ugly Christmas Sweater


10. Another Ugly Christmas Story Sweater


11. Easy Reindeer Couple Ugly Sweater


12. 3D Grinch Ugly Sweater


13. The Beer Snowman Sweater


14. Kittens and Mittens Ugly Sweaters


15. Yeti to Party


16. The Candy Cane Sweater


17. The Ugly Sweater Dress


18. The Bottle Cap Christmas Sweater


19. The Christmas Story Window Sweater


20. Christmas Tree Sweater with Suspenders


21. The Leg Sweater


22.  Beer Holder Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest


23. The Sick Reindeer Couples Sweater


24. Shut Up and Drink


25. Stuffed Christmas Sweater


26. Stuck in the Chimney


27. The Chimney Christmas Sweater


28. Ya Filthy Animal


29. Become a Christmas Tree


30. The Abominable Snowman


31. Oh Snap!


32. The Stocking Wine Holder Sweater


33. The Christmas Tree Sweater


34. Ugly Tie Christmas Tree Sweater


35. The Advent Calendar Sweater


36. The Drinking Game Sweater


37. The Snow Globe Sweater


38. Tacky Shoes


39. God’s Gift to Women


40. Snow Globe DIY Ugly Sweater


41. Abominable Snowman Throwing Up Candy


42. Buddy the Elf Light Up Sweater


43. Elf on the Shelf


44. Ugly Holiday Outfit


45. Family Ugly Sweaters


46. Pink Flamingo Tacky Christmas Shirt


47. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer


48. Tacky Sweater Shoes


49. Rudolph Sweater


50. Ugly Elf Sweater


51. Become a Mantle


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