Floral Valentine’s Day Wreaths

DIY Valentine Wreath
heart shaped twig wreath form, red roses,  glue gun

DIY Floral Hearts
artificial flowers, grapevine wreath form, wire cutters, glue gun

Floral Grapevine Heart Wreath
heart grapevine wreath, two flower stems, floral wire, floral wire cutters

White, Pink and Gold Rose Wreath
grapevine wreath form, flowers, gold spray paint, glue gun, chalkboard sign

Tulip Heart Wreath
grape vine heart wreath, silk floral tulips, pink/white flower spikes, wire cutters, ribbon

Fabric Flower Valentine Wreath
sewing machine, thread, glue gun, red & pink broadcloth, heart floral foam, ribbon

Felt, Burlap & Yarn Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Felt Heart Wreath
foam heart, felt (off the bolt), straight pins, 3 inch circle pattern

Heart Shaped Pom Pom Wreath
wire coat hanger, small pipe insulator, duct tape, yarn
Here is how to make the yarn pom poms

Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Wreath
yarn, heart shaped foam wreath, dowel rod, red felt, cardboard, glue gun, ribbon

Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Wreath
foam wreath, burlap ribbons, florals & flowers, paper straws, hearts stickers, wire cutters

Red Felt Ruffle Wreath
felt, stick pins, circle rotary cutter, straw wreath form

Fabric Punch Ruffle Wreath
fabric, straw wreath, sewing pins, fabric glue, screwdriver

Valentine’s Day Wreath with Felt Roses
wreath form, yarn, felt, ribbon

Valentine’s Love Wreath
white finger knit rope, wire wreath frame, burlap bunting, twine, black acrylic paint, crochet hearts

Sweet Heart Valentine Wreath
foam wreath form, twine, felt, embroidery floss, baby rick rack, lace, pins, glue gun

Valentine’s Day Yarn Heart Wreath

Burlap Valentine’s Day Wreath
wire hangars, red burlap, chipboard letters, scrapbook paper, ribbon, mod podge, craft knife

Heart Yarn Wreath
red yarn, heart foam wreaths, ribbon for hanging, glue gun

Pipe Cleaner Rosettes Valentine’s Day Wreath
red/white twisted pipe cleaners, heart “table scatter”, foam wreath, yarn

Valentine’s Wreath with Spiral Rose Letters
wooden letters, card stock, paint, glue gun, wreath form, red burlap

Heart Argyle Ribbon
wreath form, yarn, felt, heart template, marker, glue gun

Valentine’s Day Deco Mesh Wreath
wire wreath form, deco mesh ribbons, floral wire, burlap Valentine’s Day ribbons, embellishments
Here is a similar tutorial for how to make the wreath

Valentine Rossette Wreath
wreath form, felt, glue gun, ribbon

Valentine’s Hearts and Flowers Felt Wreath
craft felt, glue gun, cardboard

$5 Valentine’s Day Wreath
Dollar Tree pool noodle,  yarn, burlap, felt, twine, fabric scrap, glue gun, tape

Other Valentine’s Day Wreaths

DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath
pine cones, heart wire form, red and pink spray paint

Coffee Filter Heart Shaped Wreath
cardboard, craft knife, coffee filters, red water color, ribbon for hanging, strong tape

Heart Shaped Pom Pom Wreath
heart wreath, 12 bags of poms, glue gun

Wood Heart Wreath
thick branches, saw, 1/8″ plywood, liquid nails, ribbon, washer, wire, pliers, white & red pipe cleaners

Valentine’s Day Candy Wreath
wreath form, curling ribbon, candy, glue gun, pins, bow

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath
foam wreath, ribbons, coordinating fabric, straight pins

Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath
deco mesh, pipe cleaners, sheer red ribbon, wire frame, table scatter hearts, foam hearts

Hugs and Kisses Berry Wreath (source unknown)

DIY Reversible Clothespin Valentine’s Wreath
Valentine’s & St. Patty’s papers, wood clothespins, Mod Podge, wire wreath, embellishments, floral wire

Valentine’s Day Tulle Wreath
tulle(pink, red, white, coral), wire wreath, chalkboard bunting, twine

Heart Willow Wreath
willow wreath, scrapbook paper, punched hearts, glue gun, ribbon

Love Grapevine Wreath (source unknown)
grapevine wreath, red, pink and white burlap, mini banner, letter stencils, black acrylic paint
Here is a tutorial for how to make the burlap flowers

Valentine’s Day Wreath
paper bag, red foam glitter hearts, glue gun, white paper doilies, red glitter XO, burlap bunting, red ribbon, grapevine wreath

Tissue Paper Rose Wreath
red tissue paper, cardboard, white ribbon, red paint, glue gun

Cupcake Liner Valentine’s Day Wreath
Valentine’s Day cupcake liners, glue gun, foam wreath, red ribbon

Rose Wreath Tutorial
foam wreath, cardstock, glue gun, spray adhesive, glitter, ribbon

Farmhouse Valentine’s Wreath (source unknown)
grapevine wreath, greenery garland, foam heart picks

Paper Straw Valentine’s Day Wreath
red and pink paper straws, foam board, glue gun

Two Heart Wreath
2 foam heart wreaths, red polka dot ribbon, glue gun,  Valentine’s Day spray,  white & red wire ribbon
This is how you make the big bow

Valentine Ribbon Wreath

Paper Heart Wreath
red cardstock, cardboard, glue gun, string to hang

Conversation Heart Wreath
conversation hearts, foam wreath, glue gun, pink ribbon, wreath hanger

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath
foam wreath, ribbon & ric-rac, wide ribbon, straight pins

Chevron and Sparkles Wreath
quilt batting, chevron fabric, wreath form, foam hearts, sewing machine, thread, glue gun

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath
tissue paper, ribbon, cardboard, glue, tape

Deco Mesh Heart Wreath
heart wreath, pipe cleaners, deco mesh ribbons, foam heart picks, heart bead necklaces, glue gun

Easy Tinsel Heart Wreath
red tinsel garland, foam heart wreath, glue gun, foam hearts, ribbon

Door Hanger Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Picture Frame Valentine’s Day Wreath
picture frame, red acrylic paint, foam hearts, red & pink ribbon, wide satin pink ribbon, glue gun

Heart Shaped Mason Jar Valentines Door Hanger
wood, drill, saw, sandpaper, red & white paint, wire, hose clamps, screws, mason jar, flowers

Love Door Hanger
burlap striped ribbon, square wood slices, stencils, red & white acrylic paint, red chevron burlap wrap, twine

$15 Valentines Day Door Hanger
red paint, dollar tree frames, ribbon, glue gun, decorative paper, large letter stickers

Valentine’s Day Door Hanger (source unknown)
wood hearts, natural raffia, black & white paint pens, red & white acrylic paint

Valentine Rose Square Wreath
white foam board, tissue paper, glue sticks