Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Wreath
foam wreath, burlap ribbons, florals & flowers, paper straws, hearts stickers, wire cutters

Coffee Filter Heart Shaped Wreath
cardboard, craft knife, coffee filters, red water color, ribbon for hanging, strong tape

Valentine’s Day Ribbon Wreath
foam wreath, ribbons, coordinating fabric, straight pins

DIY Floral Hearts
artificial flowers, grapevine wreath form, wire cutters, glue gun

Deco Mesh Valentine Wreath
deco mesh, pipe cleaners, sheer red ribbon, wire frame, table scatter hearts, foam hearts

Easy Tinsel Heart Wreath
red tinsel garland, foam heart wreath, glue gun, foam hearts, ribbon

Large Heart Decoration
poster board, artificial roses, wooden dowel, cardboard for arrow (free), gold glitter, mod podge, glue gun
You can get everything but the dowel at Dollar Tree. The dowel you can get at Walmart for about $2.

$15 Valentines Day Door Hanger
red paint, dollar tree frames, ribbon, glue gun, decorative paper, large letter stickers
You can get everything but the red paint at Dollar Tree.

Candy Heart Sign
wooden hearts, ribbon, glue gun, pastel paints, pink alphabet stickers

Tissue Paper Rose Wreath
red tissue paper, cardboard, white ribbon, red paint, glue gun

Farmhouse Valentine’s Wreath (source unknown)
grapevine wreath, greenery garland, foam heart picks

Valentine Rose Square Wreath
white foam board, tissue paper,  glue sticks

Valentine’s Day Door Hanger (source unknown)
wood hearts, natural raffia, black & white paint pens, red & white acrylic paint
Dollar Tree is selling wood hearts that are light weight so you could easily make this and attach them with a wide ribbon instead of drilling holes and using wire.

Flower Vase Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decor

Candy Heart Valentine Bouquet
2 vases, candy hearts, pink ribbon, flowers

Cute (and Cheap!) DIY Valentine’s Day Tree
hearts, pitcher, sticks, Valentine’s Day sign (Target’s Dollar Spot)

Valentines Day Candy Vase
valentines day candies, pink and red tulips, 2 vases (one small and one large)

Valentine Heart Tree
large foam hearts, Scissors, heart shaped stencil, glue gun and glue sticks, twigs, glass vase, epsom salt 

Dollar Store Heart Vase
glass candlestick, hurricane vase, E6000, foam heart picks 

Valentine Day Floral Bouquet
candleholder, foam ball, artificial flowers, glue, decorative ribbon

Valentine’s Day Kissing Ball
styrofoam ball,  artificial roses, ribbon, knob, scissors and hot glue gun

Candy Heart Centerpiece
conversation hearts, 2 vases (small and large), artificial flowers

Garland Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decor

Heart Banner
$1 paper hearts pack, twine, hole punch

DIY: Paper Heart Garland
baker’s twine,  strips of paper, hole punch, double sided tape

Heart Garland
baker’s twine, heart punch (or template for cutting), red paper or yardstick

Large Heart Garland  (source unknown)

Tissue Paper Valentine’s Day Tassel Garland
tissue paper in 2-3 colors, baker’s wine, curling ribbon

Doily Hearts Bunting
$1 doily hearts, cotton twine

Art Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decor

Heart Art
free printable, 2 black frames

Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decor
frames, bags from dollar store, scissors

Rolled Book Page Heart Art
old book, hot glue gun, pencil, piece of wood or old painting/art
If you don’t have some scrap book, Dollar Tree sells wood canvas art that you can easily paint over white and then add the book page heart onto of it.

Foam Heart Art
white paper/cardstock, white picture frame, foam heart picks, glue gun

DIY Lipstick Art
pink and red lipsticks, drawing paper, 8×10 frame

DIY Kisses Wall Art
art paper, $1 lipstick in various shades, picture frame

Jar & Candle Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine’s Day Glitter Votives
mason jars, foam heart stickers, white & pink acrylic paint, mod podge, white & pink glitter

Heart Mason Jars
red and pink acrylic paint, mason jars, heart sticker, ribbons, flowers

Doily & Heart Mason Jars (Image Source)
mason jar, dollies, red felt, scissors, baker’s twine

Rustic Valentine’s Day Jar
heart dolly, burlap ribbon, twine, empty jar

Valentines Day Votives
glass jar, colored tissue paper, liquid starch, newspaper

Twine Valentine’s Day Candles
white pillar candles, twine, red felt, glue gun, heart template

Rose Wine Glass Centerpiece
wine glasses, artificial roses, red pillar candle

Valentine’s Day Sprinkles Candle
white votive candle, votive candleholder, red and white sprinkles

Valentine’s Day Dinner Tablescape
$1 wine glasses, glitter tape, white pillar candles, artificial roses, ribbons, foam hearts

Valentine’s Day Hurricane Vases
white pillar candle, hurricane vase, conversation hearts, pink bow

XO Candles
$1 glitter chipboard letters, twine, white pillar candles

Valentine’s Day Rose Candle Rings
artificial roses, candle, candleholder, floral wire

Rustic Valentine’s Day Candle
twine, book pages, tea light candle, jar, glue 

Other Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Felt Heart Trees
felt, pins, foam cone, topper

Valentine’s Candy Trees
foam cones, glue gun, assorted candy, ribbons or toppers for trees

Valentine Clothesline {Wall} Art
canvas, heart punch, paint chips, mini clothespins, string

Love Photo Garland
twine, photos, pink & white  foam  hearts, glue

Valentine’s Day Window Decoration
felt pompoms of different sizes  + fishing line + scissors

Paper Heart Mantel Decor
$1 frames, red spray paint, string, paint chips (free), heart hole punch, tape
You can get everything but the spray paint and heart hole punch at Dollar Tree

Neutral Valentines Day Mantel & Book Page Heart Wreath
cardboard, pages, glue gun, glue sticks, lace ribbon

Conversation Stones
craft glue, scissors, pink paper, clear glass stones

DIY Kissing Ballons
$1 white balloons, curling ribbon, kiss stickers

Valentine’s Day Door Decor
colored paper or poster board, letter & printed out heart templates

Dollar Tree Valentine’s Day Table Decorations
red, white and pink pom poms, baker’s twine, foam hearts

Valentine’s Day Candy Holder
$1 square candleholder, Conversation Hearts Candy, $1 Letter stickers (or vinyl & cutting machine)

DIY Lollipop Heart Flowers
suckers, glitter hearts, hot glue and glue gun

Dollar Tree Heart Pillow 
felt hearts, fabric glue, pillow

Dollar Tree Table Runner
 5 felt hearts, Valentine’s ribbons and white buttons.

Pipe Cleaner Hearts
cardboard, sharpie, metallic pipe cleaners

Valentine’s Day Book Covers
This blogger uses a Silhouette to design these valentine’s day book covers, but you could easily use dollar tree supplies to do this (foam glitter sticker hearts, letter stickers, acrylic paints, glitter and sandpaper (for a rustic look)