1. DIY Amethyst Bath Bombs

DIY Amethyst Bath Bombs – How to make bath bombs inspired by amethyst stones made with Epsom salts and lavender essential oil.

These crystalline DIY Amethyst Bath Bombs are almost too pretty to use! Made with sea salts and lavender, you will love the soothing aroma of this bath bomb.


2. Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs


How adorable are these Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs? These colorful bath bombs make the perfect gift!


3. DIY Orange Bath Bombs

Recipe for DIY Orange Bath Bombs - save money by making your own bath bombs at home

You will love the fresh citrus scent of these soothing DIY Orange Bath Bombs!


4. DIY Rose Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Rose Bath Bombs are the most luxurious of bath bombs to make. These DIY bath bombs feature rose absolute and rosehip oil for the most amazing fragrance and skin nourishing properties.


5. DIY Bath Bomb Easter Eggs

DIY Bath Bomb Easter Eggs

These pretty pastel DIY Bath Bomb Easter Eggs are the perfect thing to make as a fun Easter craft project!


6. DIY Easter Bunny Bath Bombs

DIY Bunny Bath Bombs

Sticking with the Easter theme, I love these cute DIY Easter Bunny Bath Bombs. They would make the perfect Easter basket gift for a teen girl!


7. Mermaid Bath Bombs

DIY Mermaid Bath Bombs

Mermaid Bath Bombs create a sparkling blue-green relaxing bath that not only feels and smells magical, but will definitely bring out your inner mermaid.


8. DIY Geode Bath Bomb

These look so beautiful! How To make your own DIY Geode inspired Bath Bombs! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

These intricate DIY Geode Bath Bomb are absolutely stunning!


9. Snowman Bath Bombs

These Snowman Bath Bombs make a great holiday gift for friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and more!


10. Lavender Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Oatmeal Lavender Bath Bomb Recipe

These soothing Lavender Oatmeal Bath Bombs are wonderful for your skin and smell fantastic.


11. DIY Bath Bombs with a Toy Hidden Inside

DIY your own handmade bath bombs, with this simple and easy tutorial which includes a video that walks you through step by step. This is a fun craft project for kids and makes bath time fun when kids discover the Shopkins or toy superhero hidden inside! Also makes a wonderful handmade gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays and other occasions.

Kids will love these DIY Bath Bombs with a Toy Hidden Inside. They make the perfect fun surprise gift!


12. DIY Bath Bombs with Ring Inside

Bath Bombs with Rings Inside

Another popular “hidden item” bath bomb you can make: DIY Bath Bombs with Rings Inside. These are the perfect bath bombs to sell at craft fairs of give away as gifts!


13. DIY Watermelon Bath Bombs

These vibrant DIY Watermelon Bath Bombs look good enough to eat! You’ll love the yummy watermelon scent of these homemade bath bombs.


14. DIY Donut Bath Bombs

How to make donut bath bombs – DIY donut shaped bath bombs made with soap icing and sprinkles.

Another food-themed bath bomb you might actually mistake as real, these DIY Donut Bath Bombs are super pretty and make a fun gift!


15. DIY Bubblegum Sprinkles Bath Bombs

Homemade bath bomb recipe with sprinkles

Kids will love these colorful, bubblegum-scented DIY Bubblegum Sprinkles Bath Bombs!


16. Coffee and Cream Bath Bombs

coffee bath bomb diy

Coffee and Cream Bath Bombs may just be the best DIY gift for coffee lovers that they can’t drink!


17. DIY Unicorn Horn Bath Bombs

DIY Unicorn Bath Bomb - how to make a glitter unicorn horn bath bomb

Bring some magic to your bath with these glittery DIY Unicorn Horn Bath Bombs!


18. Hidden Black Bath Bombs

Great gift idea for Christmas! These bath bombs are amazingly beautiful and creepy! How To make your own HIDDEN BLACK BATH BOMBS! Watch them spin! DIY by The Makeup Dummy

These Hidden Black Bath Bombs are the perfect creepy Halloween DIY gift. While they look normal on the outside, these bath bombs dissolve to reveal a hidden black bath bomb on the inside!


19. DIY Snow Cone Bath Bombs

These colorful Snow Cone Bath Bombs are the perfect kids’ craft idea!


20. DIY Mermaid Bath Bombs

These shimmery DIY Mermaid Bath Bombs will leave your skin glittery just like a mermaid!


21. Vanilla Milkshake Bath Bomb

Milk Bath Bombs

This Vanilla Milkshake Bath Bomb has all the soothing properties of a milk bath. great for your skin!


22. DIY Candy Hearts Bath Bombs

These Easy DIY Candy Heart Bath Bombs are scented like cotton candy and are just about as sweet as can be! They would make the best handmade gift idea for Valentine's Day, teacher's gifts, mother's day, birthday's, birthday party favors or shower favors! Fun and simple to make! Even kids can help with these heart shaped bath bombs! #bodyproducts #beauty #handmadegiftidea #DIY

These DIY Candy Hearts Bath Bombs are scented like cotton candy and are just about as sweet as can be! The perfect gift idea for Valentine’s Day.


23. Lemon Bath Bombs

Lemon bath bomb


This refreshing Lemon Bath Bomb can bring the lemonade stand right to your bath!


24. DIY Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs

These look AMAZING! How To make your own DIY Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs! Tutorial by The Makeup Dummy

If you love the soothing properties of green tea, then you will definitely love these DIY Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs!


25. DIY Peppermint Snowflake Bath Bombs

DIY bath bombs

DIY Peppermint Snowflake Bath Bombs are fun and festive and make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for family, friends, neighbors, or teachers around the holidays!