1. Chocolate Strawberry hearts

Chocolate Strawberry hearts

Clean and dry the strawberries before cutting them in half. Cut a little bit more so that you achieve a heart shape then join the together with a tooth pick. Dry the berries before dipping them in chocolate. A thin layer will be ideal compared to a thick one. Add some sprinkles for fun or use different colors of chocolate to dress your chocolate strawberries.

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2. Valentine’s marshmallow pops

Valentine’s marshmallow pops

Fix some marshmallow on one end of the lollipop stick and place it into the chocolate. Add some sprinkles and let it dry. The kids will enjoy fixing the marshmallow and adding the sprinkles. Let the excess chocolate drip off before adding the sprinkles and ensure that the coating is not too thick.

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3. Strawberry roses

Strawberry roses

Use a skewer, stems from roses or lollipop sticks to insert below the cleaned and dried large strawberries. A sparing knife will be ideal to cut the ends of the strawberry in order to create a petal like look. The cuts should be at an angle and in the direction of the strawberry’s center. Bend the petals made outwards to have the strawberry look more like a rose and they are ready for snacking on.

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4. Hearts in apple sandwich

Hearts in apple sandwich


This is a quick and fun snack during Valentines Day. Slice the apple; use a cutter to cut the apple. The kids will definitely enjoy cutting the apple into heart shapes and adding the peanut butter or chocolate to them. Other additions one can make include caramel and granola. To keep the apple slices from turning brown, place them in diluted apple juice.

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5. Heart rice krispie pops

Heart rice krispie pops

Add your rice krispies treat mixture onto the pan and cut them later into heart shapes using a cookie cutter. This is more fun for the kids compared to using the heart shaped pan. Once you dip the cookies in the melted chocolate, you can have the kids sprinkle it with decorations.

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6. Fruit kabobs

Fruit kabobs

Using fruits that are firm enough to withstand having a hole dug into them, heart shaped cookie cutters and bamboo skewers that are not as long. Some of the fruits one can use include apples, pineapples or melons. Make heart fruits using a cookie cutter which will be fun for the kids to do. Have the fruit pieces threaded onto the skewers and the family can enjoy.

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7. PAP Chocolate sticks

PAP Chocolate sticks

Use the snack of your choice to dip in chocolate. One can use heart shaped sweets and roll them up before mixing them with chocolate. This is a fun activity best done with family especially kids.

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8. Red velvet sandwich cookies

Red velvet sandwich cookies

They are easy to make and do not need a lot of ingredients. The cookies are delicious too. All one needs are two eggs, half a cup of butter and a box of red velvet cake mix. Mix the ingredients well and put the batter on the baking sheet with the oven having been pre heated at 350 degrees. Baking will take at most 12 minutes and the cookies will be ready. You can have the children help you mix the ingredients up. If they are older, they can also add the batter to the baking sheet for you.

You can use a cutter to shape your cookies into cute shapes such as hearts. The kids will love munching on the scraps. Use a mixer to combine half a cup of butter cream, a tea spoon of vanilla and cream cheese with a bit of sugar.

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9. Cupid’s arrows

Cupid’s arrows

Almost similar to fruit kabobs are cupids arrow which is made using a pretzel. On one end, fix the little heart and it will make the tip for your arrow. Simply cutting the heart at the middle will give you the shape of a feather. Use this other piece for the other end of the pretzel. The arrows look beautiful and they are fun to make too.

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10. Making chocolate

Making chocolate

Grind the almond silvers in a coffee grinder. Remove the seeds from the vanilla bean. Grind the seeds, almonds canela and cacao ribs together. Put the mixture in a container that is heat proof. Combine his mixture with melted chocolate, pour it in the molds and wait for them to dry before popping them out. One can use plastic molds with different shapes and sizes but for valentines heart shaped plastic molds will be ideal.

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11. Heart milk cubes

Heart milk cubes

Add a few drops of red food color to milk in a bowl and freeze it during the night in the ice cube trays. The frozen hearts look really good in the morning coffee or milk for the kids. The kids can help with the mixing of milk and food color and you can help them with adding it to the trays for freezing. Once they melt into the milk or coffee, it takes even better.

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12. Cherry tomato hearts

Cherry tomato hearts

Simply cut two separate tomatoes at 45 degrees and join the two pieces in a way that they make a heart. Combine the two together using a toothpick and it will make a lovely cupid’s arrow and a healthy snack at the same time. Cut the tomatoes and have the kids join them together with toothpicks once you show them how to do it, they will definitely get a hang of it.

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13. Sweetheart shortbread

Sweetheart shortbread

Let the kids cream the butter and sugar and as you add an egg to the mixture. As the kids do this, you can mix the baking soda, cornstarch and flour, the baking powder and a bit of salt. Combine the two mixtures. Separate the dough before baking if you want them colored. Flat cookies will not need to be baked for long. For crunchy cookies, have them in the oven for a bit longer while covered with an aluminum foil.

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